Steve Kenny Music


Steve Kenny is the management multi-tool artists need to keep the entertainment in entertaining. Steve has seen the music industry from every perspective during his career as a working musician. With experience on stages, at soundboards, and behind management desks, he brings in-depth industry knowledge and a comprehensive set of skills to cover every aspect of artist and tour management, booking, and publicity for professional musical acts. 


If you mix a passion for music, a determined work ethic, and fine-tuned creative skills, you’ll end up with Marshall Veroni. As a product of Humber College’s Creative Advertising program, the 2016 Assistant Artistic Director for the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival, and a rising singer-songwriter in his own right, Marshall joined the SKMM team ready to support musicians on tour and in their careers whether that means making the plan, reaching new fans, or helping things flow on the day of a show.

Marshall Veroni Artist Services