Charles Gaspar-Polymath, Aquatist, Bon Vivant

“Charles Gaspar stands as the prototypical Saskatchewan idea architect, engineer and entrepreneur to this day. As a maverick inventor, Gaspar gained fortune and prominence for inventions, including an insulation derived from cattails, and a lip ointment of sturgeon cartelege.

Gasper utilized a vast fortune and influence to continue studying aquatic flora, along the way developing aquatic field study techniques and innovative equipment.

Gaspar was eventually named to the Order of Saskatchewan and stood as the lone adviser to the Supreme Court.

As a parent, spouse, vegetarian, spiritualist and aquatist, Gaspar imparted these “Four Pillars”:

1 Cheery Helpfulness
2 Sharpness of Mind
3 Attentional Intuition
4 Physical Malleability”
Leah Taylor writes,

Todd Gronsdahl’s interdisciplinary practice challenges truth, fiction and the construction of historical narratives. Saskatchewan Maritime Museum is an immersive installation, employing irony to highlight the randomness of museum and archive logic. By playing, tampering and reconfiguring archival documentation, Gronsdahl intentionally legitimizes mythologies, loosely retracing residual marks of past events.



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