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Listening Device 04

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During the Cold War era, Canadians  were well aware if the conflict were to ever heat up, Soviet nukes would likely fly over the North Pole directed at the US. Our SK contribution to the defence of the US was known as the Alsask Radar Dome.

It was designed similar to the Teufelsberg lisening station in West Berlin, with espionage and intercepting communications in mind. I like to imagine the Alsask Radar Dome was built for intercepting, listening to and jamming radio signals from the Eastern Bloc.

 Also during this era, the Soviet government gifted a relief sculpture of the United States eagle seal to American Ambassador Harriman as a gesture of friendship.

This device designed by Leon Theremin, inventor of the theremin (think The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations) hid a microphone that could broadcast any conversations from the ambassadors residence at 330 MHz.

These relief sculptures are a mash up of all these stories with coldwar esthetics, espiaonage, geolinear design in the forefront

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